Welcome to the JudoOnline.de Sites, you can simply reach the english site over the URL www.JudoOnline.de/English.html. All contends are still in german, but there may be some points that are interesting for you anyway. You can find here all english Judo books and a list of all german Judo Clubs with their contact adresses. Tell us how you like our Site in our Guestbook, have a lot of fun on our Site !

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Now we offer JudoOnline.de in some other languages, just klick on the Flags at the bottom of the site. We will add some other languages soon, thanks for visiting our site.


The new inventions on our site are always offered on our News-Site, so if you understand german watch it !
Help Wanted

We are still looking for somebody who can help us with the english version of our Site, because we have enough to wirk on the german version, the only thing he would have to do is translating the german sites into english. He should be able to handle HTML with a text editor and know some of the basic Judo terms.
  Best Book

The Book " Judo Top Action " is out in stores now, it's one of the best we've ever seen. It explaines all the special techniques of all International Top Judoka of the recent decades with pictures and explanation, it's a must for all judo fighters !

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